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Welcome To Thozhuvam!

THOZHUVAM- It denotes the place of rendezvous for herd cattle. In other words, it acts as a place of protection to the cattle. The word ‘thozhuvam’ was widely been in use right from 2000 years ago in the Tamil literature, and also an inevitable one in the life of pastoralists.


Fifty national cows are nationally recognized, and in Tamil Nadu alone there are four breeds: Pulikulam, Umbalacheri, Bargur and Kangeyam. It is noteworthy that all the other cows except Kangeyam cows are being reared following the traditional grazing system.


Nationally, there are forty-four varieties of sheep, and in Tamil Nadu alone there are ten types of sheep: Ramnad White, Keezhakaraisal, Trichy Black, Mecheri, Chennai Red, Vembur, Chevaadu, Nilgiri tahr, Kachakatti Black, Vembur Sheep.


Buffaloes produce 55% of India's total milk. Buffalo milk is lower in water but higher in fat, it has a thicker texture that’s suitable in the production of fat-based dairy products like butter, ghee, cheese, and ice cream. Among the Indian buffaloes, Tamilnadu's Toda Buffalo is a unique breed.


Sustainable Pastrolism
Leads To Green Economy

Pastoralism is the traditional life style still existing among many communities. Pastoral communities are preserving domestic animal biodiversity through their way of life in tune with local ecological situations. In marginal environments local livestock breeds are crucial for sustaining rural livelihoods. These breeds provide a wide range of products or value to local people. These animals require relatively low inputs in terms of fodder, management and health care compared to cross breed animals. However wrong perception of resources, commercial backing for cross breeding with exotic breeds for the wide diversity of ecosystems, lack of awareness on domestic animal biodiversity and poor animal health care delivery have already resulted in the disappearance of some of these breeds and many more are threatened. Understanding holistic resource management will require learning from indigenous knowledge and social institutions responsible for conservation of local livestock breeds. Rotational grazing, Herding or Penning will make an impact of Native breeds of Cattle, Sheep & Buffalo as one of the tools of ecosystem management and how their existence contribute to the wellbeing of human, wildlife and forests.

About Us

Field Research

We have been conducting field research on the unique biographies of grazing communities, that greatly contribute to our biodiversity enhancement, and based on the findings of the study, we have documented and published the biographies of the herd cow rearers under the title 'Ma'.Video Link

Thozhuvam Trust Formed

Thozhuvam is a Non-Government Organization founded in 2020 to safeguard the rights and welfare of pastoralists rearing indigenous cows and sheep in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, India. Its prominent aim is to protect the livestock and creating an independent demographic community with employment opportunity, for the upliftment of rural pastoral society.

Thozhuvam FPCL Launched

Thozhuvam Farmer Producer Organization was Launched on 31.05.2021 with the assistance of NABARD Bank (NABARD - MABIF) located at Madurai Agricultural college to improve the livelihood of pastoralists.

Creates Sustainable Products

Through our Thozhuvam Farmer Producer Company we are raising awareness among the organic farmers about the 'manure' available from the waste of livestock reared following the traditional grazing approach and its benefits.

Ancient Pastoralists

For a long time they following traditional routes

Annually, according to seasons, they graze around the districts of Madurai, Sivagangai, Ramanathapuram, Virudhunagar, Theni, Dindigul, Tenkasi, Tuticorin and Tirunelveli. However, due to the construction of four-way lanes among these districts, pastoralists face difficulty in reaching their destination and also taking an alternative route consumes significant amount of their time. Besides, it is not an easy task to make their hundreds of cattle to cross a highway lane.


Organic Manures

We produce Panjakavya, Jeevamirtham, Gana Jeevamirtham, EM Solutions, Enriched Cow Dung Manure and various natural fertilizers, insect repellents and growth feeders.

Value Added Products

Cow Dung Instant Dhoop, Incense Stikcs, Cup Sambirani, Vibuthi, Diya, Cake and Hand Craft Items are producing without chemicals.

A2 Milk Products

A2 Milk, Ghee, Paneer, Butter, Curd Products are Making from Natrual grazing cows.

Bio Gas

Biogas has zero net greenhouse emissions. Home biogas is widely produced in developing regions of the world. Cow Waste turns into clean energy.

Support in Soil Enrichment