Grazing & Penning

Thousands of traditional livestock herds that are associated with and organised by Thozhuvam have round the clock natural activity. There is grazing activity in the daytime in harvested or graze lands and the animals are penned in farm lands at night to improve soil fertility. Pastoralists migrating and establishing a pen with herds in farm lands is a traditional activity known to humans for times immemorial since we started with agriculture. Animals are fenced temporarily in the farm premises for a nominal cost in the night time for a month or so. The cattle dung and urine that fall in the territory improve the fertility with the enriched microbial activity. Microbial activity is an essential and important marker for soil fertility. These microbes help to fix and improve bioavailability of micro and macro nutrients in the natural way.

Close to Ninety thousand Cattle from the Historical NABGR approved Native Breed Pullikulam.

Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration

TDeclining Soil health and Climate change pose a serious threat to humanity. The pastoral movement and herd activity in a particular area are known to have significant improvementin soil fertility by improving microbial activity through their waste. Native Breed have best Inoculation microbes to enhance the Soil sequestration process and able to preserve the Humus and fertility of soil.This in turn keeps thegrasslands and rangelands intact which are rich in biodiversity that are imperative to carbon Sequestration to reduce aerial carbon footprint. The movement of animals in large rangelands keep the natural cycle of giving back to the soil and help in regenerative flora even in arid regions. Thozhuvam is into active research by collaborating with esteemed life sciences institutions around the world pertaining to pastoral and rangeland contribution in mitigating climate change.

Value added Products

For the first time and as one of its kind initiatives, Thozhuvam supports pastoralists bybproducing a bouquet of value-added products from A2 Grade milk and Cow dung. Products ranging from natural fertilisers to incense and art items are produced from the cattle dung. Milk from certain traditional breeds is used to produce Paneer (cottage-cheese), Ghee and milk sweets have a great fanfare from the public.